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Edinburgh International Television Festival

Venue: Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

Information & tickets:
117 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3BX (0131 519 4131, Tickets by delegate pass. Advance booking Online, phone & postal bookings from early in the yr.

3 days, ending on last Sun in Aug (Aug 27-29 2010; Aug 26-28 2011; Aug 24-26 2012).

The weekend-long Edinburgh International Television Festival is aimed pretty much exclusively at insiders. Media folks are past masters at navel-gazing, and nowhere are their talents more apparent than at the range of lectures, discussions and debates about the past, present and future of the idiot box. It’s an industry-only event, the importance of which is later amplified by the excessive coverage it receives from those who forked out the sizeable delegate fee to attend.

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